Everything Weird Presents: The School of Weird, Mega Workshop Starts in:

4U Recording Atlanta

1376 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30318

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  • Everything Weird Presents: The School of Weird, Mega Workshop

    Everything Weird Presents: The School of Weird, Mega Workshop













    Attention! Attention! You are receiving this announcement for our open enrollment into the School of Weird, Mega Workshop happening on Sunday, May 26th 2024 from 8am-6pm at 4U Recording Studio in Atlanta, GA. All models MUST participate for the full duration of the event. This will be the BIGGEST model intensive workshop in Atlanta, you definitely do not want to miss this. During our last workshops 5 models got signed. There will be agency personnel at the workshop, so please come correct and on time. We are back home by popular demand, welcoming ages 16+, all genders, races, sizes, and backgrounds. 

    Come out and be coached by our model coordinators and Sofia Moussier, our founder, who is currently signed by Ursula Wiedmann Models (ATL) and Elite Model Management (NYC). This model intensive workshop will cover everything from model etiquette (castings, bookings, communication with clients/agencies, digitals), posing, runway etiquette, confidence boosting hand-on experience and then some. If you are just starting in your career or seasoned, this will be a transformative experience for you to learn more about yourself and others. There are also 2 panels filled with industry personnel (agents, muas, hairstylists, models, etc) speaking about their raw experiences in the industry and what to expect. This day long event will be challenging you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Please come in with an open mind and great attitude.

    Featured Panelists:
    Sofia Moussier (@sofiamoussier)
    Ryan Stokes (@_ryanstokes)
    Chalyse Ford (@_lysethebeast)
    Cedes L.S (@cedesls)
    Valloy Omara (@valloyomara)
    Isys McGhee and Isea McGhee (@mcgheetwins)
    Quamay (@dongeorge.bxp)
    Angel Glaude (@__angelofmine)
    Alexys Pelsdier (@nulookbylex.co)
    Markia Simone (@markiasimone)
    Jamaal Wesley (@iamjamaalwesley)

    What to expect?

    • Check-in for models begins 15 min before the event starts. No late arrivals, no refunds. Late arrivals will not be able to participate.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be provided by EW. *Additionally, if you want to bring personal snacks or water, feel free.
    • Models must wear all black, form-fitting garments (tops/bottom) with heeled shoes. All genders, sizes, races, ages 16+ are welcome.
    • Bring a notebook for the information you will be learning. 
    • Have a great attitude! Ask questions. For those who want to get signed, agency personnel will be present. Please be mindful of how you show up.


    Tickets are limited and at limited prices. Get them now before it's too late.



  • Location

    4U Recording Atlanta

    1376 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta, GA 30318

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